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About Us: Who We Are and Why We Want To Help You

Our Mission: Changing The Way Fitness Is Done

We’re taking this process called fitness and doing it the way we feel is the right way. What that comes down to is very simple: #1. The fitness business should be the life changing business, notread the rest

Meet Our Team

Josef Brandenburg

Josef first got interested in health, fitness and nutrition when his physician told him he was “too fat for your own good” at age 9. That, and being made fun of at summer camp sparked a drive to learn everything he possibly could about looking better without his shirt off, so that he could go to the beach without feeling ashamed of his body.

Eventually someone asked Josef… Meet the rest of the team

Our Core Values:

#1. Lead by example:

A mother came to Gandhi and asked him to tell her son to stop eating sugar. He said, “come back in two weeks.”

They came back in two weeks and he told the boy stop eating sugar. The mother, who had traveled an entire day each way, each time to see Gandhi asked what happened and Gandhi said, “two weeks ago I could not tell your son to stop eating sugar because two weeks ago I was still eating sugar.”
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Our Training Philosophy

Principle I: The client gets results, or it’s MY fault.

“Here’s the biggest joke: If the client doesn’t get results, the trainer blames the client for not following his advice. That’s a cop-out. Maybe your advice is crap! Maybe you aren’t a good coach!”

-Alwyn Cosgrove (Legendary Fitness Coach) read the rest